Multiple monitor resolution question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by easyrider, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. I am running three monitors on one computer w/win2000. On two of the monitors I have 1280 by 1040 resolution. The third monitor has a max 1024 x 768. On my other computer I am using a single monitor and it had resolution above 1280 x 1040. I thought, "aha, I will switch monitors so I can have 1280 x1040 on all three monitors" as I thought the resolution was a function of the monitor. Well as you have probably guessed, when I switched monitors, nothing changed. Apparently the resolution is controlled by the o/s. I am using a matrox dual head and an ati video card. Can anybody enlighten me on why I cant get 1280 x 1040 on all three monitors?
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    The ATI card is most likely the problem. I had that same problem so I just bought another Matrox 450 and have one extra port.

    btw I'm also using Win2k w/ 3 monitors.
  3. I use 4 monitors on one computer with Win 98. Three of the monitors are newer 19" and the fourth is a CTX 15" about 5 years old.

    My machine is PCI slot challenged so I was thankful to find the Matrox Dual Head.

    The resolution is a combined function of the monitor and the video card. My old 15", although on an ATI AGP card, does not achieve the higher resolutions.

    Bottom line - if the second computer has a video card that you can remove and you have an extra port in your trading computer, try installing that card into your trading computer. Many time the video functions are hardwired to the motherboard so you won't have the removable card.

    I agree that the problem is probably just a limitation of the ATI video card. And I also recommend the Matrox Dual Heads.

    Good luck!
  4. The peculiar thing is that the monitor that is maxing at 1024 x 768 is one of the ones on the dualhead. The ATI card is ok.
  5. That rules me and my bright ideas out.

    Just to be sure that we know "it's plugged in" - you've done the right click on the desktop - properties - settings - etc for each of the monitors right?

    No offense easy... I'm only thinking of mistakes that I would make.