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  1. I did a search but couldn't come up with a good answer. I'm currently running 2 monitors on 1 PC. I would like to ran 4 monitors--Would I be better off with 2 PC and 2 monitors each or 4 Monitors and one PC?? If my choice is the 4 monitors and 1 PC?? How do I do it?? Double video cards or 1 video card with 4 outputs??

  2. 4 monitors on 1 PC is easy. You can either add additional video card(s) or replace with a quad.. but quads are expensive unless you get one used off of eBay. If you add video cards, you need to be concerned with compatibility with your present card.

    You would *need* to run 2 PCs only if the applications you're running swamp the resources of 1 PC so that it would be beneficial to divide the load between 2 machines. This would be the exception rather than the rule. And, the number of monitors you're running are not an issue.. only the requirements of the applications.
  3. Either approach will work. Buying a second 2-head card will definitely be cheaper than buying a 4-head card. I've read suggestions that if you add a second card, it should be the same brand as the first to avoid driver conflicts (I don't know if it's true, but it sounds reasonable). Make sure you know what slots are available on your motherboard before you buy a card (PCI, PCI express (a.k.a. PCIx), etc.). If you have a second PCIx port free, that's likely better than using a PCI slot.

    Good luck.
  4. also you might want to use the same company for the graphic card in the main slot and the pci -- it can sometimes give you trouble if you don't. 2 double heads best in my opinion.
  5. bearnbull,

    I've used Matrox, ATI, & nvidia, & have had up to 8 displays per computer. I like nvidia best, and now use 4 displays max. Would suggest using cards without fans, they can be noisy.
  6. Agree... Nvidia Quadro NVS 280/285 and 400/440 will handle just about anything in a trading rig... hiqh quality display, too.
  7. Thanks for the info. What is the difference between the 280/285 and 400/440?? Big jump in price I notice between the two.
  8. 280/285 are dualheads, 400/440 are quads. 400 is PCI, 440 is PCIE (both a x16 and x1 versions).

    The only real players left in the multi-monitor market are Nvidia Quadro NVS and Matrox. Everyone else makes gamers cards.

  9. Sorry for being such an idiot here. I just want to make sure before I pull the trigger on this Ebay item. IS THIS THE ONE I NEED FOR MUTIPLE MONITORS??? Thanks again.
  10. Yes, providing you have a empty PCI slot to plug it into.

    The Y cables may be DSUB (VGA) or DVI. Check that they match the monitors you are, or will be using.
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