Multiple monitor problem. Please help!

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  1. I'm currently running two 191Ts on a ATI 9100 AGP card. I'd like to hook up a 3rd monitor so I bought the ATI All-in-Wonder PCI card which is Analog and has TV out. Spoke with one my techy friends and he suspects that the two video cards will not work together on the system. Thought I'd check with you guys before I opened/installed the card. Do you see any issues??

    2nd question is, for some reason the fonts are not smooth on my 2nd LCD. Almost seems like XP is not applying the "clear type" setting to both LCDs. Everything is so much more clear on the first LCD than on the 2nd. Any ideas on how I can correct this?


  2. Before you install that AIW card, check with ATI Tech. (It's very likely your friend is right about the 2 cards not working together.) Even with another ATI card, possible SEVERE conflicts. I know, been through it!

    The AIW PCI card MUST be the "primary", as certain graphic functions in the OS are supported on the primary, only. (You will have to select "PCI as Primary" in BIOS).

    Don't be cavalier about this... if you screw it up, you may end up reinstalling the OS from scratch!!
  3. Which video card can I get then that won't conflict with the existing one?
  4. You need to check with ATI tech to verify before you buy.
  5. Just thought I'd post my findings since it may help someone else reading this post. Basically, most ATI cards require that they be set as the "Primary" video card so I am not able to run two ATI cards on my PC. I ended up ordering a nvidia PCI card.


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    Hmm that's strange. I'm running three ATI cards (1AGP and 2PCI) with no problems.
  7. Incorrect. While it's possible that your 2 cards have support or compatibility issues and won't work together, in general only certain TV Tuner/Media cards must be set as primary because the OS supports certain graphic functions only on the primary. (If you had a TV in Wonder card, PCI, it would play video on the primary AGP monitor, if supported.)

    I run 4 ATI cards (Including a media card) with no problem.
  8. Could you provide details on exactly which ATI cards you're running?
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    Sure. They're 9100s. All three of them.