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  1. Hey guys...

    Ok, just picked up a computer for a sweet deal, but of course im going to get another graphics card to hook up my other monitor. Now, how important is it to have a very powerfull graphics card?

    Some people told me mainly the only thing you need to worry about is how much RAM you have...I have 768mb's of ram right now...They said you can just get a 32mb card and it would be just that true?

    Should i spend $120.00 of a 120mb radeon, or just $59.00 for a 64mb card?

    What do u suggest i do? Either get a 64mb card for my AGP slot, then for the PCI slot, get a duel monitor card

    ? WOuld that be best? Or should i just get the duel monitor card and put it in a PCI slot?

    Thanx guys
  2. Basically now all i want to do is this...

    I just got a new computer, and want to set up another monitor...I have a Voodoo 2 grapgics card, so im going to put it in, and hook up another monitor...Obvious when i get serious ill get a crazy card and stuff, but im just checking to see if thats ok to do???

    Thanx guys!!!
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    You probably have enough RAM. 8 MB VRAM per monitor is plenty for trading.

    Before you install 2nd video card, check to make sure they are compatible... video driver conflict can be very bad.
  4. Ok thanx bud
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    1. Check with the manufacturers... there's also some web page which lists lots of various compatible combos (you could probably find it on Google).

    2. I don't know who makes Voodoo, but common multi card setups involve ATI (which I use.... ATI and Nvidia are *usually* compatible), Nvidia, and Matroxx.

    Safest is to use a dual head or 2 dual heads from the same manufacturer.... or, when they all use the same driver, like Radeon.
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    My Ati and Nvidia had a conflict. It crashed my setup. I had an AGP Ati and had to get an ATI PCI card. Once I did that, it was fine. But you're right, video card conflicts are BAD. To be safe, I would get the same AGP/PCI cards. From my experience, the Ati's work much better for trading. I have a handful of trading machines and the Nvidia's all have a redrawing problem. Not sure what it comes from but they do have significant RAM. I'm not a tech person so take it for what's it worth.
  7. There are a couple of important considerations. The cards have to be compatible with the o/s. Not all the older cards work with xp. You have to do quite a bit of research if you're getting an older card. The Matrox cards like the the g200's and g400's and 450's do work ok and are very good for trading. Usually you can get a 450 pci dual card on ebay for $40 or so. You can alos just get cheapo matrox millenium single cards for $5-8 each. They work fine.

    As for memory, I wouldn't worry too much unless you have some extreme graphics package or want to use it for gaming as well. I have found that anything over 2 mb is ok. 8 is more than adequate.

    I have found this is an area you can save some bucks on. Trading is not graphics intensive and you don't need ahighend gaming card. It'll just heat up your box.
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    If your going to buy a video card look at the G Force cards they are the best on the market.
  9. I think Gnome is right. Get a dual-head video-card from ATI or NVidia - check out the All-in-wonder cards or e.g. ASUS V-series cards with dual DVI-output. If you need more than 2 monitors, check out some of the speciality cards and monitors - but then you're talking spacebucks already.

    I use a ASUS V9560 2x DVI myself - works okay - although I'd like better multi-head support in the driver software.
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    I believe matrox are one of the best dual-head graphic cards.

    I have the p650 which works brilliantly.
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