multiple monitor adapters for XP Prof

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by habari, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. habari


    anyone know how/where and which adapter do Ineed for 2 monitors to start with and upgrade to 4 later for Win XP professional.

    Do i need to change my video card? or just an adapter?

    Thank for any help
  2. gnome


    From your wording, I presume you do not have 2 monitors hooked up yet(?). I use win2000 with 4 monitors. Presuming XP Pro is the same or similar (same kernel):
    1. I know you can't use 2 dual head ATI cards. Maybe you can with other mfr, but better check first.
    2. A Tech at my local clone shop told me the ONLY ways to run 4 monitors are (a) a 4-head card, or (b) 4 individual cards. Should be the same make for best results. Perhaps you should also check into cooling requirements if you have 4 high powered cards
    (all those fans, all that noise). I use 4 average cards... ATI Expert 128, 16mg memory. All works fine together and haven't had a problem with heat. If you're sure you want to run 4, I'd check out in advance what your 4 monitor set-up will be and run 2 of that set-up. Otherwise, you might waste money by having to replace your 2 monitor card(s) when you want to go to 4.
  3. You have the choice of

    1) 1 video card AGP with 4 output as Matrox (G200 MMS or the next release G450 MMS) or Nividia,

    2) 1 AGP Matrox(G200, G400, G450, G550), Nividia or ATI and 1 PCI Matrox Dual Head (G450)

    3) or many single PCI

    The best choice for the cost is the second option, prensently. In near future maybe the first, but now the time.
  4. Hubert


    just get an appian card

    makes it siple and easy great tech support
  5. Hubert


  6. Matrox G200MMS DOESN'T come in AGP.
  7. matrox is the most bang for the buck, hands down.