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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Neil, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Anyone know of any charting package that allows seeing a bunch of mini historical charts on one page on demand from a watchlist?

    The kind of thing I mean is provided by and can be auto so that as you open any watchlist it displays all or some of the symbols as small or medium sized daily charts... its excelent when wishing to visually scan many charts fast for good swing trading patterns... the problem with Prophet is that it is web based and somewhat slow to load pages for me.. also its java charts are a bit cracked compared to the charts I am used to..

    I have used several packages over time... nextrend, esignal, IRT, Qcharts... erlangerquote... but not recall any function quite like that... yes can have many charts on a page of course.. but always have to enter or drag symbols etc one by one... the ability to have the entire selected watchlist appear.. even slowly.. is def the best way I have found for rapidly eyeballing lots of stocks... but if possible I would prefer a pc based software instead... and the charts are not the micro (tiny) ones such as on melved quotetracker type screens.. these are 3 or 4 to a screen width.. and I guess one advantage of the web based page is as now.. I have a watchlist open with 250 stocks in it and I can just scroll down and down the page.. that might not be so simple on a pc based software I guess..

    Anyway maybe someone is using something similar to this and can point me in the right direction..
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    Fibonacci Trader has the feature that you can save pages with the charts (symbol / timeframe / indicators / systems can be different on every chart)
    If you click on a button, the page is shown. It's pretty fast because the charts are running in the background.

    Hope this helps
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  4. Neil


    Thanks for the replies..

    Not quite what I am looking for tho unfortunately..

    Saxo Bank sample charts look a bit crude java charts

    Fibonacci may be a good charting package but not clear from their site if it can do the thing above described.. I can see that you can save settings and pages and open them fast but that is possible with all the serious charting I have used before.. its the ability to have a watchlist.. or the result of a scan.. and in one action chart EVERY symbol in that list on one page.. which then can then be visually and quickly reviewed and then can open larger charts one by one of interesting looking candidates..

    Stockcharts I looked at.. has a similar feature of the mini charts on one page.. but it seems like you have to input the symbols to be charted one by one? Again not quite the same thing.. albeit a useful feature.. also web based of course.. would be nice to find a pc based software that could do the same trick... maybe there is not one of course..

    Thanks again for the ideas.. I shall keep looking anyway.. prophet will have to do in the meantime

  5. I agree with you. This is an effective way to scan a large number of charts. I know that in both RT and QCharts, you can move down a list rapidly that is linked to charts by clicking on each ticker or scrolling. I don't think they will open mini-charts for each symbol, except Rt does have features called Hottrend and market gauge that do some of what you want.

    I believe the decisionpoint website may also have some ability to display multiple charts, but I'm not familiar with it.
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    Thanks AAA.. I checked out decisionpoint and that looks very interesting and certainly does allow the kinda thing I am interested in.. very good in some elements in that it features 'chartbooks' that do the very thing.. sector based groups ranked by relative strength that can be viewed as multiple charts and basically flipped through in the traditional manner.. they also have good way of displaying the market and other factors of interest.

    Still maybe not yet better tho for me as it is also web based as opposed to pc software and does not seem to allow me to pre-filter sector stocks by price and volume into my own watchlists which can then be so displayed in a multiple chartbook, as they are pre-defined in decisionpoint.... still I shall look at it some more as its only $20 a month and may add a different viewpoint to prophet or anything else I eventually find.
  7. not sure if this is what you are looking for when you say "mini charts", esignal has a new (cheap) product called market center that runs a mini chart next to each symbol in a watch list.

    surfer :)
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    Thanks but not really.. those mini charts are streaming intra day charts by the looks.. similar to several other progs.. this is what I mean as described above.. will try a screen capture... as its web based one of the few advantages is once a page is loaded you can just scroll down the page.. so if a watchlist has any number of stocks in it.. it is quite easy to be able to visually scan through them very fast..

    I will try this attachment as see if it is clear enough..