Multiple Internet Lines a good idea ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bpatrick, Nov 8, 2005.

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    I 'm wondering if anyone knows how to automatically within Visual Basic to switch from Cable to DSL in case the Cable goes down.
  2. Can't answer your specific question, but I'd suggest looking into dual wan routers. There is a thread or two here on them. They will take 2 internet connections and share them as well as switchover if one fails. Typical use is one cable and a dsl connection.

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  4. You can buy a dual wan router or build your own.

    Or you can use an old computer with a couple of network cards added. You can run smoothwall with a few modifications on a linux OS.

    Visit and do a search on 'failover' and 'dual connections'

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    original thread question: yes. vb, dunno. i'd look at a dual wan router or have seperate routers.

    some dual wan options:

    can't vouch for either, but just came across them doing a quick search.

    obviously, you would also be able to load-balance over a dual wan setup so you could use both broadband links and fatten your internet pipe. when one fails, you're down to one, but that should be very ample. if you really wanted to add redundancy, look for routers with an aux/modem port. that way, even if both of your main lines pooped out, you could have a dial-up connection to limp by with until your main lines are restored.


    take care :)

  6. linksys and xincom aslo have good value for money dual wan routers.

  7. Avoid dual WAN routers -- they're still a single point of failure. Especially avoid the Hawking one -- it froze up on me periodically as did the netgear one.

    Right now I have two different routers (Dlink DI-524s) one plugged into the cable modem the other plugged into the DSL. And my PC has two ethernet cards, one plugged into each router.

    The end result is that XP fails over on it's own, I don't know how or why but if I unplug one of the ethernet cables my TWS (IB's trading app) reconnects within 10 seconds. And I don't have a single point of failure .... unless you count my trading :p
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    I run a dual wan router and have been very happy. One minute max on the failover. My software is configured to automatically relogon in the event of disconnect without active logout.

    Linksys RV042
  9. Sideshowbob, are you running xp pro?

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    I have redundant computers, ISP's, ethernet cards.

    You don't need a special box to handle jumping between ISP's.

    Windows XP (and I have XP pro) does the switching between ethernet cards.

    It has switched so flawlessly that I didn't catch that it had switched.

    Thank U, Mr. Gates
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