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    There are three active IB threads:

    IB and automatic liquidation

    Should you close your IB account now?

    IB margin changes

    The 1st and 2nd threads are about the same topic. The third thread started off being about a specific issue (margins on stocks with a market cap less than 250 million), but has now just become a general thread about IB margin policy and liquidation policy. In other words, it has morphed into a thread which is substantially similar to the first two.

    Can two of these threads be closed with a redirect to one of them?

    My suggestion is that "Should you close your IB account now?" and "IB margin changes" should be closed and that "IB and automatic liquidation" should remain open. This is because the ongoing conversation is about "IB and automatic liquidation".
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    More generally, user "jayre" is regularly bumping multiple old threads for the purpose of querying IB policy. In my opinion, once is OK, but anything more than that is excessive.

    24 October

    9 November

    11 November

    Likewise, user Options12 is doing the same in this thread.

    1 November
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    Sounds like Port is back.