Multiple Hedge Fund positions

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by cubbies23, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Hey everyone.

    I will be graduating this coming May and wanted to ask everyone a few questions. I came across some postings for positions: Operations Associate, Trader Assistant and Research assistant. What can you tell me about them? What are their responsibilities? How quantitative does one have to get? I know bond math and the structures of options and futures. How exceptional do the computer skills have to be? I know Excel has to be up there, but what about Word and Powerpoint as well. How often would one of those positions need to utilize Access for database analysis? There really much of a discription, other than that it was with a Hedge Fund...didn't name them.

    Before I graduate, I'd like to polish up if need be on whatever skills necessary to accomplish those tasks. I really want to get into trading. I will have a finance degree, know Bloomberg, about an 8 with Excel, know bond math and have read a few options books.

    I really like to know everything about what these positions would entail. I was confused as to what assistant means. Sometimes you see assistants mentioned and their jobs are to file, set appointments and do other clerical stuff. Would a trader assistant be working with the Trade Administration? Would they be assisting the trader and learning trading, or would they be an appointment setter and do admin. things for the trader?

    Much appreciated. Just trying to take another gigantic step on the learning-curve.

    Go Cubs 2006