Multiple ES contract traders

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pretzel, May 1, 2003.

  1. hwaxen


    I generally build a position of 100 in lots of 20 and I let the market decide how I scale out of the position.
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  2. I'm a relative minnow compared to the size you are doing... I max at 20 contracts, but probably average closer to 15... so, if I am doing 15, I enter em all together... I am pretty discretionary on whether or how I scale out...

    If I was doing your size, I aint sure how I would handle entry on 100, cos I have no experience of all-in ease of entry at that size... I may very well decide, for practical execution purposes, to scale in like you do...
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  3. "I'm following the trade management suggested in Mark Douglas' Trading in the Zone. "

    I thought that book only dealt with trading psycology
    issues not

    real life ideas for trading

    what chapter does mark douglas discuss trade management?
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  4. It's not quite about trade management, but more about trading mentality... the ability to think in the context of a probabilistic environment etc....
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  5. pretzel


    It's an exercise to put the theory into action. You can find it on page 189 - "Learning to Trade an Edge Like a Casino"

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  6. pretzel


    What is the advantage of trading 100 ES compared to trading 20 big SP?

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  7. canuck


    obviously if you are trading hundreds of contracts it is more difficult to enter all at once, but from my experience of trying both scaling in/out and all at once, that all at once is better for the simple fact that either my call is correct or not. If it is, then I profit much more than by scaling in, and when I'm wrong, I have an appropriate stop.

    to each his own........
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