multiple computers, one keyboard & mouse solution

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  1. via Arbitrageur:

    " I found a very neat peice of opensource software that enables easy management of multiple pc systems via one keyboard and mouse.

    check it out - I set it up just recently and it works perfectly.

    I currently have two Dell precision workstations in my trading setup at home and was using a hardware KVM solution to switch keyboards and monitors between PC's.

    I've now allocated one monitor per PC (side by side) and this nifty bit of software seamlessly serves the keyboard and mouse between the two PC's when I move the mouse off the side of one screen it appears on the next but controlling the second PC."
  2. Gotta love OpenSource! :cool:

    And look... it's even available for you windoz users. :D
  3. why not just run multiple screens off one PC?
  4. Can you do that?
  5. opm8


    Synergy is an awesome application, imo. I've been using it between my linux and Windows workstations for several years now. Their monitors sit side by side and I use a single keyboard and mouse for both of them.

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    I had a setup with a wireless mouse and keyboard and dual screens, one screen was shared and switched between computers with a KVM switch so that one computer was single screen and the other one could be dual screen. The problem was that problems arose with booting and whatnot because the wireless mouse is not always properly present until windows starts up. I wonder if there is a software solution to that problem?
  7. Good question, I reverted back to wired mice due to annoying conflicts inherent to wireless devices.

    Small sacrifice in the bigger scheme.
  8. so this synergy program really works -- no crashes?
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