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  1. hello, i am using 3 computers all connected to one internet connection. it seems that the internet connection is now slower than when connected by only one computer. what can i do?
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    1. Turn off the other 2 computers. or
    2. Get an extra ISP.

    Linux is also faster than XP, by 30-40%....
  3. - Are you currently buying the highest broadband speed available from your internet provider? If not, time to upgrade.

    - Is your router bottlenecking the speed as it branches out to your computers? Test it..

    - If you already have the highest residential speed available from your internet provider, do they offer T1 lines? T1 lines typically offer higher speeds than standard residential highspeed broadband packages. Be ready to pay UP...

    ** And ALWAYS have a backup connection incase your primary broadband source goes down. I use verizon wireless broadband at $60/mo. Its not cheap but it offers excellent redundancy.
  4. i use 3 pcs, one for stocks, one for futures, one for porns, so have to get all three connected.
    so you are saying that i should get two separate internet connections?
  5. What internet speed do you currently have going to your router?... for 3 computers it should be at least 4mb, I hope youre not downloading/streaming movies/pornwhile your trading platforms are running. Video of any kind hogs alot of bandwith.
  6. I never had an issue with running 5 computers on same connection. Must be a lousy company
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    I thought T1 lines are only 1.5M? The basic cable modem can get 20-100M. Didn't know that ppl still use them except for lines they need PTP.
  8. Indeed T1 speed is 1.544 mega bits per second, upstream and downstream. Cable modems can support "up to" 30Mbps. But they rarely achieve that. My cable modem at home works at about 15Mbps. One time I tested it amazed me with almost 24 Mbps.

    I am not sure if T1 is offered to residential locations. They usually a part of (time-slice) of a bigger pipe, like T3, to business buildings.

    I think the OP should test the connection of the throughput on each of the 3 computers using the test from and see which computer is hogging the bandwidth. If he was not kidding, most likely the computer used for porn is the offender.
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    how are they connected to 1 internet connection?
    do you use a switch?
    what kind of network cards are you using?
  10. Not necessarily. There are a lot of Linux distros. The most popular Mint and Unbuntu are similar in speed to Windows or MAC from my experience.
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