Multiple Citizenship

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  1. Just out of curiosity, is it possible for one to be a citizen of more than 1 country? How many countries can you be a citizen of?

    If you are able to be a citizen of more than 1 country, which country do you pay income taxes to if your only income is capital gains, dividends, and interest?
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    I would say a max. is 3 at least. Two is very common (dual citizenship). Some countries require you to denounce your current citizenship before you take theirs, some just don't care. Once you become their citizen they treat you as one and they don't care if other countries also claim you as their citizen...

    Now paying taxes is a different issue and doesn't equal with citizenship. A permanent resident also can/have to pay taxes just like a citizen. Hell, illegals can also pay taxes! :)

    There is usually a bistate agreement between 2 countries to avoid double taxation. Where you pay the taxes usually depends where your business is based and/or where you stay for the longer period...

    Once you become a US citizen it is rather hard to avoid paying taxes, even if you change your citizenship later...

    I am not an expert, I just play one on ET... :O

    Oh yes, I can also type "multiple citizenship" into google:

    (at the bottom of the site there are examples of triple citizenships)

    " An Australian study estimated that 4-5 million Australians (up to 25% of the Australian population - by far the largest group at 1.6 million of these, from the UK) had dual citizenship in 2000. An estimated sixty percent of Swiss nationals living abroad in 1998 were dual citizens. Approximately 89 countries in the world officially allow some form of dual or multiple citizenship. In the United States it is estimated that millions of Americans are also citizens of other countries. Although Germany has a very restrictive nationality law, it does allow dual citizenship under certain circumstances and the number of dual-citizens was estimated at 1.2 million in 1994."

    Here comes the funny part:

    "The Republic of Ireland extends its citizenship laws to Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Therefore, most people born in Northern Ireland who are British citizens just like people born else where in the United Kingdom may, if they wish, exercise an entitlement to Irish citizenship by simply applying for an Irish passport. Most people born in Northern Ireland may hold either a British passport or an Irish passport or both."