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  1. Hi

    can anyone tell me about any program or website which can display different stock charts separately on the same page?

  2. interday or intraday
  3. I am mainly looking for daily charts so that I can figure out quickly which one is perfoming better (or lagging).

  4. yahoo chart it! Am I missing something?
  5. When you compare different stocks in Yahoo or Google, it makes their initial price same and thus shows only relative gain or loss (in terms of %). Also, it kills all the technicals.

    I am looking for a webpage with multple charts arranged vertically so that you can look at them visually and decide which one is hitting support/resistance etc. More important, it will show sector/industry stength quickly in comparison to indexes and among each other.

  6. This icomes close to what I am looking for. If they could get rid of ads it would be best.
  7. nolimits


    TOS, think or swim (

    You can open multiple charts at a time, great technical analysis tools, style completely adjustable, prophet charts also included

    Open a demo account and you have fee, unlimited access to the software, charts are in real time only the active trader is 20mins delayed

    highly recommended, check it out
  8., after screening click "Charts"
  9. No.Heat


    I find very good. I'm using the pay version which is very cheap and gives me live real time feeds during market hours.

    The software is stable and fast even for web browsing.

    No Heat
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