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    Do the brokers that allow mutiple accounts also allow funds to go from one account to nother account within that same broker in real time- without having to wire it out to the bank and then wire it in.

    I am a newb to fx so forgive my ignorance.

    the second question is , do brokers in FX allow my deposit or withdraw in real time.

    Inother words, If I deposit money this second, and few seconds later my money is IN or OUT ( wiring it online).

    I am surprised that I am asking this question in living in an electronic age.

    But you never know with brokers setting up crazy rules
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    I doubt it.
  4. Why the rush to transfer funds? A couple of days should be fine for both deposit and withdraw.
  5. Yes there is...

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    ElectricSavant, can you elaborate more- please.

    Thank you big-picture ...did not think any one would respond to this so quickly.

    So i guess the sub account approach would be a good idea since the bottom line is I can put money IN fast enough if I am ranning out, lol.


    you never had a situation where you wish you can just add more funds to your account to stay alive?

    Unlike stocks, there is no margin call per se- fx will close your account.

    And ofcourse there are other reasons for it but bottom line is, wondering why brokers do not allow this ?
  7. I have heard that Oanda has subaccounts...and it is just one click...and instantaneous...

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    if you go to margin debit do they go after the sub account?
  9. I believe in their client agreement there is a clause stating you that you will never have a negative balance.

    I suppose each subaccount is treated differently at 50:1 (100:1 maintenence margin)

    I do not want to sound like a know-it-all...don't you think it would be best to contact them?

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    I will contact them.

    I hate Saturdays for obvious reasons.

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