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  1. Wondering which would be better as I get ready to begin trading in the new year. As a cautious investor the advantages of multiple accounts include probably a better trading platform, do I really need to trade that frequently to make small gains starting out, and lower fees at a certain point.

    Suretrader offers pdt trading for those of us with limited capital but can their platform be trusted if you don’t use the pro platform?

    I’m majoring in finance and am not investing any money I can’t afford to lose and I think im not completely naive of how trading works but I know a huge learning curve is coming whether I want it or not. Just looking for general advice as i know people have made it Big starting out with either option.
  2. don't trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Focus on your studies/career and paper trade end of day data only, then save until you are in a position to do things properly. my 2c.
  3. Don't risk any money you can't afford to lose.
    With Interactive Brokers is it possible to have two (or more) accounts under one user name. These accounts are separate, but it is easy to transfer funds from one account to another. They call this "linked accounts".
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    AND they are now pushing this plastic thing:
    which I have *not* investigated yet.

    But if you inquire of them, ask first when they're going to get around to fixing their TRIN and TICK data. I mean, seriously.
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    If you are starting out, it is better you focus on one platform, one account, etc. Keep things simple which is a mental challenge in itself.