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    Recently purchased a Dell T3400. The system has dual quadro NVS 290. I put the splitter cables together and hooked 2 monitors to one card and 2 monitors to the other slot. Only 2 monitors go live. The 2 monitors to the other slot don't go live. I have changed them back and forth, made sure I am on digital signal and noting works out of the one card slot. I also had an extra nvs 290 x16 and put it into the slot for the one that didn't work and the same thing happens. Am I missing something? Thanks
  2. 1. By "splitter", I presume you mean the DMS-59 cables? (They are not actually splitters.)

    2. Mount both cards, then reinstall the driver. (You don't need to uninstall it... just reinstall over the top of existing installation if it's the current 169.39).

    3. Then go into Display/Settings and activate monitors 3 & 4.
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    Right click on your desktop and bring up Nvidias control panel. Click display and verify that your card model is correct, which nView display mode to use(clone, vertical, independent etc), and that your monitor model is correct.

    If that doesnt work.

    Go into your "Display" system icon properties settings and verify that

    A) your monitor icons are configured to the physical arrangement of your literal monitors

    and that

    B) The monitors are active and not greyed out. Make sure color quality and resolution are at appropiate levels for your card/monitors

    If that fails, unplug monitors, power cables, ground yourself etc, and re-insert video cards. Sometimes they can get loose.

    If that fails, maybe Gnome will read this.
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    Thanks for the advice, however I am still having the same problem. Only two monitors work on the one card. The other card and the extra replacement card do not seem to be working. I checked all monitors and they seem to work fine (but only two at a time). I will try again later. Thanks again.
  5. Initially I thought you were talking about mounting "2, 290 x16s" to run 4 monitors. Now it sounds like you're talking about 3 video cards ?? Can you clarify?

    Are all of the cards 290x16s or is one different? If so, please say what the other card is.

    You should have only ONE video card driver installed. If that's not the case, uninstall ALL video drivers, mount 2, 290x16s and reinstall the NVS driver 169.39. Then go into Display/Settings and activate each grayed-out icon.

    Also, try each card singly to make sure all are working OK.
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    If I understand your problem -

    One card slot works for either card you put in it.
    The other card slot does not work.

    I assume you are running Windows XP (Vista is a little different)

    Right click on the background of either working monitor. (the top level of Windows)
    A popup will appear with about 7 or 8 choices - the first choice will probably be "Arrange Icons By..."
    The last choice will be "Properties". Left click on Properties.
    The "Display Properties" window should open.
    There are a series of tabs across the top of the window. Select the "Settings" tab.
    How many monitors show in the display window that appears when you select the "Settings" tab?
    Are they are the same shade( color)?
    Under the display window there is a pull down item labeled" Display". When you select the pulldown arrow on the right side of that line what shows there?

  7. Oh yeah.. never occurred to me OP might be running Vista (shudder!)
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    thanks for the advice. I will give it a try tommorow. To answer a few comments

    The system came with two video cards (nvs quadro 290). I bought an extra card (same) for backup purposes.

    Running Windows XP

    I am not the most savvy so maybe I should just suck it up and have an IT pro come up and get me running.

    Thanks again for all the advice. I will post the results.
  9. Sounds like you have some sort of "problem", because setting that computer up with 2, 290s should really be a no-brainer.
  10. I don't recall now if everyone who buys a T3400 get the gold tech service or not, but if you do have it, call them. They are quite good. I have a T3400 with 2-290s operating 4 monitors. It does work. But take a look at Jack's post. You need to right click on your desktop, then click on properties, go to settings. See what you got there.

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