Multimonitor PCMCIA Video Cards for Laptops

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  1. Odgnut


    I have 2 PCMCIA Video Cards for Laptops for Sale. Here are the links to the specs:


    The Margi Display-to-go card only works on Windows....up to XP...doesn't work with Vista. This card can run an extra monitor up to 1600x1200 resolution. I've used it in Win98 and XP and it works great...very stable. Most laptops nowadays support 1 external monitor in addition to your laptop with the Margi card you can run up to 3 monitors on 1 laptop. Comes with a VGA adapter...but I hear there is a DVI adapter out there.


    The Villagetronic VT Book works in both Macs, PCs and even Linux. For works up to XP...doesn't yet work with Vista...but I heard that there are beta Vista drivers and they are trying to get an official release.

    The VTBook allows you to run up to 2048x1280 resolution (analog) or 1900x1200 digital. It comes with a standard DVI connection...but a DVI to VGA converter is also included in a very cool black and white carrying case.

    The VT Book can run up to two external monitors by if your laptop can run 2 could run 4 monitors from 1 laptop. Out of the box it can only run 1 monitor...but if you go to the Villagetronic web site you can buy an adapter to run an extra monitor.

    Retails for over $230.

    Pictures of the cards available at request.

    Asking $50 for the Margi Card and $100 for the VTBook. Please send me a private message if you're interested. Thanks.