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    I remember during 1999 and 2000 I used to listen to interviews that were conducted by Dave Allman of wall street uncut. Back then I thought they were interesting but haven't listened to them since he stopped them after August of 2000... Anyhow, they are all archived and some may find some of the interviews still interesting eventhough they are several years old! :cool:
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  2. Thanks man. :cool:

    I eventually discovered more on that website.... a whole bunch of good ones however I can't get the audio to play today?

    Even the last one I posted. I had listened to 1/2 of it the other day went to finish it last night and NO AUDIO? Today, same thing...nothing.


    If anyone can get any of these below to play please post how you did it. I have realone player and can't get any audio going.

    The link from earlier, all I did was pull it up and about 60 seconds later realone ( started streaming the presentation. Since then...nadda.

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    dude, who are these guys they sound like they've been drinking all day!
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