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  1. This thread is for posting multimedia links that are related to trading, or the stockmarket or whatever else you think would interest other traders.

    I'm starting it because occassionally someone one will email me a link to an archived interview with a trader or analyst, or econmic presentation and there is not anywhere here to really post it where other traders could be sure to see it and prehaps benefit from it.

    So that place is gonna be here.


    To kick things off, someone sent me links to a Jim Rogers Marc Faber interview below. Both are obvious bears usually , but they have some very interesting comments on the dollar, the federal reserve, as well as china and some other things.

    I found it interesting.

    Below that is a link to some other inteviews on the website with guests such as Prechter, Richard Russell, Bill Fleckenstein, etc. (you can see from the guest list that the radio show has a hard money bearish bent, but its interesting commentary no matter what camp you are in).


    you need realplayer or mediaplayer to listen.
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  4. Great! Loved it. That was the first time I've heard this guy speak.

    Too bad I couldn't identify a date for his presentation - was it May/June or later in the year?

    It was so good I couldn't help thinking he must be using some type of hypnosis techniques. :p

    Anyway - he hit the nail on the head w/ 'the last three years have conditioned us to expect negative volatility.' There is a cabel on ET still trying to short ahead of December and January - IMO they are still looking in the rearview mirror & completely ignoring improving economic conditions. As a result, I'm buying stocks w/ extreme short interest ... next few months will be quite interesting.
  5. I cannot vouch for this this guys success or methods, but it was in my inbox so I figured I'd pass it on.

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    Football taking precedence for me, but someone might want to check it out.


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    Finally! An informative and useful thread on ET.

    Good job Avalanche.
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