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  1. I got a multi-gym in my dad's home now. I am moving out and I have no space for it in my apartment. I bought it for $2,200 with the optional leg press and ten 20 pound plates and ten 10 pound plates for a total of 300 pounds. I have used it for maybe 1 year and it's almost new.

    I am selling it for $700 and free delivery and setup. I will only deliver within NYC or Northern NJ. PM me if you are interested. Here is a pic:
  2. That's a bunch of money for such a pretty clothes hanger.
  3. I don't think your picture fully loaded. Its not a clothes hanger. Its called a multi gym for home use.
  4. it`s not "almost new"...LOL........if that`s the pic of your Precor Solana,then it`s over 8 yrs old & a dinosaur in the industry.....squared tubing & all.

    they have not made that piece in over 8 years & i know it for a`d be lucky to get $300 for it in the Bergen Record want ad press.