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  1. tortoise


    I don't autotrade, but I have used MultiCharts for system design/testing and have found its functionality to be at least equal to, and in many respects superior to, that of TradeStation.
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  2. If they would get rid of the bloat in MC and make it even 50% as fast as AmiBroker, Id be pleased....
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  3. tortoise


    Can't speak to "bloat" or AmiBroker, but my subjective impression is that MC is faster than TradeStation, while offering additional critical functionality TradeStation lacks. The newest release, now in beta, is designed to take full advantage of multiple core configurations, with a 50% increase in performance per core. Unless AmiBroker is similarly coded (is it?), I doubt MC will lag AmiBroker in the speed department, either.
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  4. MC is slow.... I have a multicore machine, and have tested it under diff circumstances. Its. Slow to redraw windows, slow to open windows... SLOW...

    UI functionality is what I speak of to be more specific

    when I change periodicities its slow.....

    Perhaps TS 8 is slower, but AB is zippy. Difference between a VW beetle and a ferrari.

    Only Thing AB is missing is a High level auto-trading interface.....

    WHats sad is I like both programs for specific reasons. LOL. So for the time being they run side by side....
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    Interesting. Which version are you using? Also, what is "UI" functionality?
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  6. I have used both the Feb 2007 release and the 2.1 Beta (5/31/07)

    UI = User Interface....
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  7. skippy


    LoL! Right, of course!

    Ok, well, you've clearly done your homework, and I can only compare MultiCharts to TradeStation. I just checked out the AmiBroker website, seems like a terrific offering. Thing is, I've worked hard to develop fluency in EasyLanguage, now to go ahead and learn yet another niche scripting language (AFL) seems like more than my poor brain can handle.

    Also, I'm a constant volume bar junkie, and MultiCharts appears to be one of the few charting packages that calculates volume bars correctly.

    I'm interested, though, in the fact that you use both MC and AB. What do you prefer in AmiBroker? What do you prefer in MultiCharts?
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  8. Easylanguage is... well.... easy... LOL. Although I am picking up AB's programming language...

    I totally understand the change over. Back in the early 80's I was a PASCAL whiz, then I switched to C++... Then I left programming altogether.. Now I am right back again. LOL.

    ANd there are a million script out there..

    I prefer the auto trading of multicharts as AB's autotrading requires a ton of programming.

    And the Backtesting/Optimization...

    You actually have to program an Optimize command into your code for you to be able to use the optimize function....
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  9. skippy


    From what you're saying, it sounds like I've made the right choice (the right choice, that is, for me) by going with MultiCharts. I find its "UI" smooth and stress-free. If it's slower than something with which I'm not familiar (AB), it's faster than something I know all-too-well (TradeStation). If my impression is correct, this additional computational overhead -- the "pig" factor -- may be due to the ease-of-use factor, in which both TradeStation and MultiCharts excel. That MultiCharts adds addtional functionality -- the extraordinary genetic algorithm optimizer to name one example -- is a huge bonus to a homebrew bonehead such as myself.

    I have no background in computer science: In college I was a music major, for heaven's sake. EasyLanguage has enabled me to become something of a programmer. The ability to code things on the fly -- literally, at times -- is priceless. I can have something up on the screen almost as quickly as I can think it up.

    Bottom line: I'm in love with MultiCharts. It makes me happy. It's making me rich...:D
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  10. Programming was a Young kid, keep me out the streets Love... Music is, was and shall forever be my MAIN Love......

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