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    Anyone use this? How does it compare to Tradestation?
  2. It is not as good but it is only 499, and they keep improving it.
  3. I found it was slow as hell. Opening a chart, clicking through the dialogues, clicking an OK button ... all these basic operations seemed strangely laggy although I use a 2gb ram/Fast CPU computer.
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    wealthlab was slow like hell for me. is there a real alternative to tradestation?
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    MultiCharts is owned by a bunch of Russians.
    They have no concept of customer service; if you ask a question They don't like, they will tell you to go take a hike.
    Really. If you don't believe me, go read their customer forum.
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    Wow. I must be using a different MultiCharts. I've run MultiCharts side-by-side with TradeStation for about four months now and my screen real estate devoted to TradeStation gets smaller and smaller while my MultiCharts windows take over. I notice no speed differential between TradeStation and MultiCharts -- and the latest MultiCharts release (now out in beta) is designed to make full use of multiple cores for such processor-intensive activities as optimization (TradeStation is not so designed -- read the fine print on their website).

    Customer service is, in my experience, head-and-shoulders over TradeStation: The MC staff goes out of its way, it seems.

    Bottom line: MC has had a measureable, positive impact on my bottom line. I can't imagine trading without it.
  8. Hi
    Can multicharts generate autotrade signal to IB TWS based on a chart (paint bar trigger).
    Let us say CCI combined with Macd ? or Bar high hitting Leltner Band?
    Stoch hitting 75-80 % .... like that.
    I have not used Tradestation.I do not want to change broker to TS .I have no programming experience to set up DLL etc.I use Quote tracker.
    I need to auto mate my trading.
    I dont want to scan.Just say my usual 20 heavy weight stocks in the trading window with charts Open (kept reduced)
    Would you describe your experience with multicharts in auto trading?
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    does multicharts have all of the easylanguage functions?
  10. There are a few missing. You can hit the forums and see which one they are...

    One that comes to mind is SetPercentTrailing

    All of the TS ELD files I have imported and compiled work fine....
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