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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GaryN, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. GaryN


    I am a new user of Multicharts and would like to interact here with other users. Multicharts has its own forum, but its hard to find answers and they have live chat support but they are offline on weekends which is when I usually need answers. I find it generally much faster to get answers to software and hardware questions here. Multicharts is overkill for what I need but I really like the charting software and its ability to use easylanguage studies and its user friendly interface.

    The first problem Ive run into is how to set a chart to RTH. I want one chart to start at 9:30 and end at 4:15 as I like to see the gaps. I have been all over the settings but can't figure out how to do this. Anybody know how?

    This should be one of the simplest chart settings to adjust in any charting software but doesnt seem to be with Multicharts.
  2. Vienna


    Open a new quotemanager window. Find your Security and double click on it. Look for "Sessions" and adjust.
  3. GaryN


    Thx for the input Vienna. I want to run 24hr volume bar charts AND RTH time charts for ES. I cannot do this with Quotetracker so I am evaluating Multicharts. Can I set both sessions for one symbol?
  4. Vienna


    That I don't know... you should contact Dennis Globa at MC, from the website... they have a realtime chat.
  5. WD40


    Yes, you can chart the same symbol in both RTH and 24 hrs.

    From the Quotemanager (QM), set your symbol as RTH. Don't worry, it will collect data in 24hrs if the data is present.

    When you are creating a chart, from the "Format Symbol" window, under "Settings" tab, choose to select either "Regular" or "24 hour".

    You are all set !
  6. GaryN


    Thx WD40

    I did as you suggest but the time chart is still displaying 24 hr data. I guess i will try the online support later in the morning. Thanks.
  7. GaryN


    I have been trying for a couple of days to get the two different settings to work but to no avail so far. I open the quote manager, clik on ES #F, change the settings to US Stocks (regular trading hours) and then select Format symbol and set the sessions to Regular but the charts are still showing 24 hours. What does not seem right is that the quotemanager is showing Es as being "offline" but I am getting quotes and my charts are updating. I have also had a problem with one of my toolbars disappearing and being unable to recover it. Still,there are many things I really like about this software. The price is about what you would pay for a year of Ensign, not unreasonable, so I hope I can get the bugs out before the trial is over. I wish they had a simplified version for those who dont need backtesting and the rest of it but just want charts. Quotetracker is not bad but I really want to be able to set individual charts to different hours and set colors without have to mess with paintbars.

    edit: lol. I just now found the problem and have the different settings now. I still cant find the missing toolbar but am making progress.
  8. Tums



    THis is a TWO step process:

    1. set the symbol in Quotemanager. (in which you have described above.)

    After you have done the above,

    2. Go to your chart.
    a. Right click on the chart. A little window will pop up.
    b. Select "Format Symbol". Another window will pop up.
    c. On your "Format Symbol" Window, select the "Settings" tab.
    d. Under the "Settings" tab, choose your "Sessions" -- either 24 Hour or Regular.

    The chart should work.
  9. GaryN


    Thanks Tums. I have it working now. I also found my toolbar. It was out of the window entirely, sitting on my other monitor. Weird. Another question if you dont mind. Using candles you can alternate colors, green for an up candle, red for a down candle, but I cant seem to get anything but solid colors with OHLC bars, nor can I get alternate colors with volume bars.
  10. Tums


    Sorry, you can't config OHLC bar up/down colors directly in MC. However there is an EasyLanguage script that paints the bar colors. It is included in the studies.
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