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  1. I'm just trying to get up and going with a simple 2-line MA crossover automated trading system.

    Specifically, I'd like a 2-line SMA crossover system, one entry at the close of the bar on every crossover, and then exit the position at the end of the session.

    The MA crossover systems supplied with MultiCharts don't seem to have the SetExitOnClose command already programmed, and the PowerLanguage application does not have a point-and-click interface so it looks like I must learn the programming language in order to make a simple modification to the supplied systems.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Christos


    Just add:


    to your strategy.
  3. I was hoping to get lucky and find exactly the strategy I was looking for already supplied with MultiCharts so that I wouldn't have to do anything in PowerLanguage.

    Ok, so I see that SetExitOnClose is easily added to the end of the code.

    I'd also like to modify the 2-line MA system such that the entry position can be either long or short depending on the crossover direction (as supplied, the MA crossover systems in MultiCharts go only one direction) and if there's another crossover during the session, then the current position is exited AND a new position is initiated in the new direction.

    IOW, on cross up, a long position is initiated. Few bars later in the current session if there is a cross under then the long position is exited and a short position is initiated. And then whatever the position is, it's exited approximately 120 seconds prior to end of session.

    It's probably not difficult to do the programming, I'll just have to spend the time learning the code and troubleshooting mistakes I'm bound to make starting out.
  4. I'd really like to be able to try MultiCharts.

    MultiCharts' PowerLanguage is supposed to be fully compatible with TradeStation's EasyLanguage.

    On this TSS support page the MultiCharts user is referred to TradeStation's Getting Started with EasyLanguage.

    On page 16 of that tutorial, the first line of code you're instructed to enter does not work!

    As instructed in the tutorial, in a new strategy in PowerLanguage Editor I enter,

    if Close of this bar > High of 1 bar ago then buy next bar at market ;

    I'm told by the compiler that 'Next Bar' can only be applied to 'Open',' 'Date', etc.

    I'm so bad at programming that I can't even get the tutorial to work correctly.
  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please use the following code:

    if Close > High of 1 bar ago then buy next bar at market ;

    It is the same and it is working fine. It is our mistake and we will fix it.
  6. Thanks, Andrew.

    I'm going through the EasyLanguage tutorial. It's a bit of a learning curve initially, but I suspect once I can make modifications to the supplied indicators and signals I'll find it was all pretty easy.

    At that point I'll then be able to really test MC in the way I would intend to use it if purchased.