MultiCharts + Tradovate

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by mercurial, Sep 26, 2017.

Is anyone interested in using MultiCharts with Tradovate?

  1. Yes - I wish Tradovate offered MultiCharts

  2. No - not interested

  1. Tradovate might facilitate this with enough interest.
  2. bpr


    why only multicharts? all cqg based platform should be supported as they are using cqgfeed
  3. Yes, that is my understanding too. I just personally want MC so I can run easylanguage based strategies that are transaction cost sensitive. With enough interest Tradovate may be willing create the partnership pages that MC requires...
  4. CALLumbus


  5. Tradovate have confirmed to me that they are able to integrate wi However I've also been told there is not sufficient interest for them to warrant them making the marketing related partner web pages MC requires...

    Maybe if there is enough interest here they will reconsider.