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    What is wrong with this code, in Tradestation is correct, but in Multicharts give a error - "if condition5 then Sell("ji") Next Bar from entry("jas_Buy") at market";
    - Compiled with error(s).
    Can help me.
  2. Hello mapfler,

    In the current MC version, word inversion is not allowed. It will be corrected in the next MC version. For now, the following word order must be used:

    if condition5 then Sell("ji") from entry("jas_Buy") Next Bar at market;

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    Andrew Kirillov, Thank you.
    It is possible can help me with this code "BUY ("B") FO+HO STOP;", in Multicharts give a error, work very well in Tradestation.
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    Anyone help me.
  5. mapfler


    Andrew Kirillov,
    Can help me.

    Thank you.
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    value1=FO+HO ;

    BUY ("B") at value1 STOP;
  7. Andrew, can you tell me when/if MultiCharts will be configured to work with CQG?
  8. Hello tortoise,

    At the moment, there are no plans to implement this configuration.

    Best regards.
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    What means "CQG"?
    Thank you.
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