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    I am trying to design an automated strategy where the the strategy will use the securities that qualify certain conditions (in the screener) when they are met. Is this possible to do in MC using the built in scanner feeding my strategy that i wrote ??

    Thank you in advance

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    Anyone ? Maybe some one from MC can help here !
    I would really appriciate this. I am a newbie when it comes to system design/ coding.
  3. You mean the Market Scanner?

    If so, the answer is no. The scanner is only for monitoring, ranking, and filtering stocks.
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    So once we have a filtered stock appearing on the scanner - that meets my logic, can my strategy (if i can program it so) run on it.

    So let say screened/ filtered stock appears as an alert - i really don't know where (i believed scanner is suppose to do it as well). then it becomes the subject, or security that my strategy deploys on .....deciding on itself to enter OR not...once it enters (long or short) it hand overs the control to - my trade management logic ( separate loop) and therefore then completes my trade independently.

    So scanner/ filter is a input/ trigger to the strategy.
    I DO NOT WANT TO USE a watch list.. My scanner must scan the whole market to look for securities that meet the criteria i define.

    too much to ask ..?

    Thanks fro your response....
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    Does anyone have Hershey snippets for Multicharts?PRV,Gaus,etc?

    Please PM me if so.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Please !!
  7. Not possible as is in MC without some hacking and tweaking.
    And also after the hacking and tweaking you have the problem of finding a datafeed that supports streaming of hundreds of symbols. Have you solved that already?

  8. First, scanning the entire market, over 6000 stocks & etfs, is a large universe.

    Second, the filter list cannot be automatically sent to the strategy window.

    So lets say your watch-list consists of the S&P 100. You add an indicator to alert you to a particular condition. Now, for example, the condition signals on 5 (out of 100) stocks. You want the 5 stocks to automatically start trading in real-time. This is not possible.

    You can manually add each triggered stock to a strategy window for trade automation. But the number of symbols you can automate will be limited by your stock universe and resources/horsepower. And you will need to monitor the situation.
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    Thanks man,

    Do you know if its possible in any other platform tradestation or NT. I am not familiar with those.

    And I am thinking may be, I can use TradeIdeas to extract alerts to excel and have the strategy ready that excel may be ???
    Is that something possible.
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    Thanks Z,

    May be I will have to get this coded with an API of some sort ??

    DO you think this is possible?

    Exchange<>Broker<> API <> Excel <> TradeIdeas

    What I want to do is automate the whole thing. so I can sit back and just have my hand over the PANIC button - just in case.
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