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  1. I was just speaking with someone in live chat for MultiCharts. He told me I could not use my TransAct Data Feed on the standard version of MultiCharts, and only the Pro Version($9900) can have the API set up for this?

    Does this make sense?

    Also, is there anyway I could get EOD stock data as well as the data for futures at an affordable price from some vendor?
  2. I think I've got it sorted out.
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    If you think you might have an answer, why don't you answer it for anyone else who maybe wondering the same thing.
  4. Good Idea.

    I either got some bad info from the representative, or he misunderstood my questions?

    The truth is, you can use your TransAct Data with MultiCharts. The only question is how far back they will let you go for data? I have only gone 10 days back thus far.

    I'm currently running version 4.0 which I believe is still the beta version. I should have the radar screen with it which will be nice.

    Also, as to my other question, about stock data, you can get those for free. There is a data service in there, of course it's not real time but most of us will not need it to be real time.

    I haven't done much, and my first time using this software, so I'm still just poking around, but so far I am liking the look and feel of everything.
  5. Unfortunately, I can't get much data from my broker.

    I have the quickstart manual, it's not very complete.

    Is there a way to reply data? This is a feature I want to use but can't find yet. You can scroll throught he charts simultaneously, but it doesn't give that 'right edge of the screen' look so you can make trading decisions.
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  7. Aargh....thanks for the link, but I can't get this thing to work either.

    Still messing with the platform, this thing is confusing.
  8. Ok, I got this thing to work somewhat. I've even got my various time/3 different volume share charts to resolve on screen at the same time.

    The problem I was having was the date format in the exported ASCII file I created, it put a slash in between the month day and year. There must be a period.

    You can go through and individually change each thing, or simply go to your language/time settings in control panel, and change it there, then re-output the file.

    Now the problem I am having is the position bar doesn't seem to work. And the fastest play back speed isn't nearly as fast as i would like it to be.

    For example, i've got an 89 bar MA, so this things has to get through 89 bars before i can even apply the template with the 89 bar average, this is taking quite a while.

    If the position slider worked, this would be a non-issue.

    There is another issue. In my exported ASCII file, I've got data from the 24th in the text file. But the data is starting(the replay on the 29th).
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    if you just need some data to test out the software, you can use Interactive Broker's demo system. You don't need to have an account with them to use this facility.

    Click on the Demo tab, then select Individual Demo.

    The data is not live, it is a replay of previous days real data. And it is available 24/7 !

    p.s. You can even test out autotrading with this demo. Just select one of the Signals and let it loose.
  10. Oh wow, Thanks Tums!!

    I am still messing with the software, and all of a sudden my replay function started acting to where I can't get it to work at all, But I'll sort it out.

    I'm also trying out AmiBroker, so hopefully I will find the software that works for me sooner rather than later?
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