MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition

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  1. this is an interesting development..

    MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition

    MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition was designed for small cap traders to ease the burden of buying expensive software when starting out. Enjoy all features of regular MultiCharts .NET and use up to two symbols at a time absolutely free. Analyze charts, create powerful C# strategies and place live trades—start your trading career with professional software at no cost!

    it should give NT7 a run for its money, specially given those not wanting to spend $$$ can trade 2 instruments, and since most trace ES and CL... woila!

    let's see how long this effort lasts, considering what they did before with their DT edition....
  2. Azharr


    did you purchased the lifetime license?
  3. I have 3 licenses for MC... 2 on the original and 1 on the .NET...