Multicharts .Net Lifetime Licence

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  1. I have a Multicharts (.NET version) lifetime licence available for sale as I no longer trade on that platform.

    It has lifetime support etc from MC. Can happily provide screen grab or video proof for anyone interested.

    $975 (usually $1495)
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    why would i want to buy something that is no longer useful to you

    if it's not useful to you why would it be to me

    more to the point isn't amp offering it for free now?
  3. Are you for real or just trolling? People sometimes sell things that they no longer use to someone that has a need for it. You can go to if you would like examples.

    That's the case here. I now use another charting software so have no need for MC. It doesn't mean it has no value, I just don't need it.

    A lifetime licence means you are not tied to one broker. You can set any feed up with it with any broker. Also there are no limitations with the software. If you think Amp offer it for "free" you may want to look a their pricing. You pay for the licence indirectly with inflated commissions per trade (or you could think of it like a mobile phone contract where the handset cost is incorporated in the monthly contract term, the end of which your contract becomes cheaper). In other words if you trade high volume you can get much cheaper rates by owning the software outright and having favourable trading costs. This adds up and will save you lots of money in the long run.

    Anyway while this may not be of use to you it will be of interest to someone looking for a lifetime MC licence as they cost $1500 and this is $500 cheaper for the exact same thing.
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    Tradestation is for free too if you have an active account with them.
    Ninjatrader is free for everyone, even without an account.
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    Ebay's CEO just got a heart attack.
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  8. Exactly....I discovered that a few months ago. Even if you do purchase an MC license from a 3rd likely won't work into the next month as they somehow refresh their KLM system every month. (KLM=Key Licensing Management)
  9. Then maybe not!
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  10. "The case continues...."
    Indeed, we'll all be dead before it's resolved.....
    this is complex legal stuff.
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