Multicharts float display error?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by thrunner, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Multicharts seems to have a very odd display error when using a VWAP SD indicator on a chart (plotting the VWAP and the 1st and 2nd deviations from VWAP). The plots of the indicator will float up and down with respect to the underlying instrument as you scroll along the time axis, giving a very distorted view of the VWAP and standard deviation lines.

    This may also contribute to the inaccurate SD lines when compared to the TS version of the indicator with the same code. (For example, the TS plot does not extend much beyond the 2nd SD line, while the Multicharts version extend beyond the 3rd SD line shown in the attached chart).

    Here is a video of the problem: You will need some kind of a swf player to play the file, for example SWF opener 1.3 from, free.

    The indicator is available here:
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    Attached please find a picture with similar time frame except scrolled to the left (earlier period) by about 30 min. As you can see the bars are completely shifted down wrt to indicator.

    Anyone has any ideas? Is this a known problem? The Multicharts forum seems to be closed to new users.
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    After consulting with an experience helpful MC user in another forum, it was determined that the MC default scaling to screen was the problem. It should be scaled to symbol, which TS defaults to.