MultiCharts financial policy sucks and scary!

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    I read that TS Support increases the price of MultiCharts from $997 to $1497 after 15th of April, and was so stupid to place my order that initially was rejected by on their server. Finally, when I decided to stick with my AmiBroker, I surprisingly got the purchase confirmation from that initially rejected my order.
    I immediately contacted TS Support to cancel the pending transaction and they refuse to do so saying that all purchases are final. Even the transaction is still pending in my bank, and I am considered by them that I "bought" their software like 4-5 hours ago when I was sleeping.
    They don't do any refunds even if you cancel unfinished transaction! and very proud by that! You can call to their support department but there are only 3-4 persons including manager and all of them are in Moscow, Russia. They just spin out your time with the main target to keep your money no matter what. Yes, the company is registered in DE, USA, but not registered in Chamber of Commerce and not a member of any BBB (Better Business Bureau). By the way, their product is tightly couple to their server with authorization. If you are out of internet by some reason, you cannot work with charts even from local database using MultiCharts.

  2. Multicharts has been cracked to bypass their server authorization. No software product has 100% security.

    Only an idiot would pay money to a shady company from russia when cracks are easily available.
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    Buyers remorse. Its a biyach...
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    1. No, I prefer to pay to normal software vendor (but not to this russian cheating company!) and don't have any conscience issues.

    2. For now on, I don't even want to touch this software by 6-foot pole, after that even if it was the single trading software left. Each second of my using it will remind me about the incident.

    3. Also, if somebody somewhere cracked something "for me", I would rather be scared off using it for trading, especially automated trading. What if they hacked something else?

    4. I will keep you posted about my situation with my "order cancellation"
    I'm interested to find out everybody having the same issues and act together accordingly.

    Just my 2 pennies.
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    1) doesn't exist.
    2) if you paid by credit card just have the cc company reverse the charges. I've done this a few times and it's always been effective.


    EDIT: I figured out what you meant by Anyway, option 2 still stands if you paid by cc.
  6. If it's a bank card, you should be ready for potentially having to discard your current card for a replacement. Many banks have a policy in place whereby any charge dispute can only be resolved by issuing a new card. This could be a hassle, natch.
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    From now on

    Though this is BofA most other banks have equivalents.

    Makes online/recurring transactions far less problematic.

    Were you a trial member?

    I dont understand why you would buy a product you didnt like or intend to use. Not defending MC cancellation policy but why buy the software if you're happy with Ami?

    MC is good but still has a ways to go.
  8. Any company that does not have their own merchant account should scare you. I would be very concerned buying anything on the internet from a company that doesn't have one.

    I think your posting the problem here is worth way more than that $1500 to them. I suspect they may wish they had been a little more cooperative to begin with.

    I would sure consider the reversal of the card charges even with the headaches of a new card!

    Good luck.
  9. You can't trust Russians. Call your your credit card company and tell they you were defrauded. They will put it in suspension. I have done it a few times with Visa.

    Just make out like you were screwed, give them a real sob story.

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    I believe you meant to write instead of ''.
    You should have recourse to claim refund if the order was rejected initially.
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