Multicharts DT download available?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ligerny, Jul 17, 2012.

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    I know multicharts DT is no longer available for download. Are the setup files still avaliable anywhere to download?
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    Multicharts DT with CQG is available through AMP.
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    Don't know about IB.

    Yesterday, I called AMP .
    They told me that they are the exclusive firm to offer the DT "Free Version" of MultiCharts
  4. NoBias


    The link I provided was for a version pre "AMP"

    If current version of free MC-DT requires a commitment to a broker, then it isn't free... The beauty of MC was the ability to connect to the data feed and/or broker of your choice... not to mention Asset classes, i.e. Stocks/Forex"spot", etc...

    Was only a matter of time before they discontinued the MC-DT, I always suspected it was a vehicle to transition people into licensed version

    TradingView will most likely end up the same... Free at first, now option for equity exchange data feed for $14 intro / $20 monthly give it a year and it will be another fully paid platform if you want usable features.

    Can't really blame them all business's need to turn a profit, just don't appreciate the "first one's free marketing approach"

    I have no issue paying for a service, but to be told free... then transitioned into a pay platform is a bit left handed...

    If you like MC, most likely you will be better served just getting the license to benefit form updates and bug fixes...

    In the end, your time also has a value...
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    AMP said the only difference from the Full version and the free DT version
    is that the free DT version does not included Easy Language.

    It has all of the historical charting , bracket orders
    and they monthly platform fee
    so I'm trying it now, we'll see...
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    Thank link requires a password.
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    1st question will be if the MC-DT-"AMP" will be proprietary to AMP for order entry, or if it will accommodate Broker of your choice.

    2nd Question if not limited to Broker, what level of product support is available for the alternate Brokers...

    That is what I was referring to in regards to "not free". Captive marketing, they may provide the platform for free, but all commissions are funneled to AMP

    If it allows access to alternate brokers along with platform support, it is a fair deal as it provides flexibility.
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    Was curious on the fate of existing MC-DT and stumbled across this...

    Believe this confirmed my suspicion on TradingView as method to build a user base and assist them to develop a "paid" net based product and transition Free > paid subscription...

    Wouldn't be surprised if TradingView is discontinued upon completion of
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    Previously posted MC-DT link has been removed due to objections/complaints to 4shared administration from either MC or AMP [Account Disabled]

    Didn't realize posting the original free access files from their site constituted copyright infringement...

    Anyway, wasn't my intent, just sharing what was previously freely accessible trying to help the community...

    FWIW: it has been confirmed the MC-DT platform available through AMP is restricted to CQG data feed only...

    Which leaves two alternatives....

    Go license or Go Ninja [tongue in cheek]
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