MultiCharts Discretionary Trader free

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Cazza La Randa, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. just21


    I think they are getting the free users to do the beta testing of version 7 for them.
  2. JackR


    They are. The first free version was called Multicharts Discretionary Trader Alpha. Now its called Beta. You can log go through the support forum and see the good and the bad as they progress.

    They just released the beta version of the regular MC. ( MC 6 >> MC7 beta) It now includes the discretionary trading capability. It is not free.

  3. It's completely free but with limitations with the use of the power editor

    If you are a discretionary trader this product is for you
  4. I just downloaded it and checked it out and it looks pretty sweet. I usually trade forex using IB's chartrader but its clunky and this could be a big upgrade once I can get past the initial learning curve of how it works.
  5. Tell me if this is how the program does things.

    I downloaded 1 minute data from IB. Then switched to 5 minute display, and the prog seemed to redownload all the data. Same when switching back to 1 minute.

    This is kind of nuts.

    Also, looks like another program that refuses to draw volume bars based on 1 minute data, making it useless using the IB backfill.

  6. Not true. I am discretionary and took a look at it. If all I wanted was point and click it would be fine.

    But I use the programing interface on Sierra Chart to "enhance" my discretionary trading so it's point and click plus. Which I'd have to pay the for the full version to get.
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    I was attempting to check out itsEOD features and couldnt even get a chart up.No matter what I did,I couldnt access Free data,i.e Yahoo/Msn