Multicharts Data Holes

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  1. Tums


    so far they have narrowed down the problem to a group of users who shared (ie. duplicated) a database. And that the seed database was corrupted before it was distributed.

    Stay tuned...
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  2. Vienna


    I know this now the official MC story, but I don't believe it's true:

    I had data holes appear one week where the previous week there were none. MC said that the people that experience holes had shared the same databases so had the exact same holes.
    Not true in my case. I guess the randomly appearing holes in my data COULD have been caused by MC database corruption, but it does not sound too plausible.

    I hope however that I am wrong, then I would have hope that this expensive annoyance ends soon...

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  3. That was one of the many data hole problems. I had that one too a while back. They fixed it with the official 4 release but there are more problems.
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  4. Tums


    If you did not duplicate ProfLogic's database... then there is definitely problem with the database.
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  5. Hi Tums,

    Those sharing my database had a problem but others had gaps as well.

    That being said, MultiCharts is still the best charting sotware out there and I will use nothing else in my trading. All software has bugs and I have found a way to correct the error of my database on my own. This solves two problems.

    1. Fixing my own Swing Trading database
    2. Keeping me out of MultiCharts Tech Support's hair while their developers and engineers fix what caused the corruption in the first place.

    I also figured out how to keep my database from ever getting corrupted again. It has meant getting a new computer and designating it to database management but that is a very small price to pay considering I trade for a living. It's simply a "cost of doing business" expense.

    Bottomline . . . problem is getting fixed and we can all go back to flaming other's silly opinions . . . :D :D :D :D
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