Multicharts Data Holes

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  1. Vienna


    Multicharts was supposed to be a better Tradestation, basically TS without the attitude.

    I have been using the program since the beginning, but have about had it with the fact that they can not seem to fix a big problem:
    The sofware creates random data holes in longer term (Swing) volume bar charts, like holes in a Swiss cheese. That makes reading and analyzing these charts unreliable and risky.

    MC has been informed numerous times of this issue (Dennis Globa himself has aknowledged the problem) but answers wth lip service and seems either not interested or not able to fix the issue. I will give the program a bit more time I guess (since switching is such a pain), but if this issue is not resolved very soon, the whole program with all it's "Multicore utilization etc, etc." bells and whistles has to be classified as useless for the Swingtrader.

    (I don't care if MC utilizes all 4 of my cores to wrongly plot my charts and does so in record speed).
  2. giladbi


    i am also using m.c.
    can you pls explain where is the problem? i missed something
  3. Vienna


    If you use fixed Volume bar charts, with data going back over months (and years), Multicharts plots a chart where suddenly a month or 2 weeks are missing.

    Screws up the chart completely and makes it impossible to read clearly.
  4. giladbi


    i am not using such a long chart and still they have other issues
  5. There is also a major issue with missing daily bars using esignal data.

    I have been working with them for weeks on resolving this but with no real luck yet.

    Apparently there were multiple problems with daily data and they addressed a couple of the problems.

    Until this serious error is fixed I could not recommend this software.

    Once they fix all the bugs and release the "gold" version I would say this is the best charting software on the market.
  6. Tums


    There are more volume data problem... MC chart is only showing half of what IB's chart is showing.

    This is the explanation from MultiCharts:

  7. Vienna


    It is possible and I hope that it will be indeed fixed in 5.02. I sincerely hope so, yet remain skeptical until proven wrong since this was promised before.....
  8. Synonym


    I'm currently trialing MC as a new platform for swing trading and saw the problems various people all state they have been having with data.

    Not wanting to waste time and energy on MC if there are reliability issues, i thought i'd ring MC tech support to see what assurances they could me.

    Thought people might be interested to know that MC told me - those who posted on their support forum saying they are experiencing gaps in charts are a group of people using the same corrupt database...

    I was assured that although MC does have some bugs (what software doesn't), that this gap issue is only related to corrput data.

    I appreciate all SW has bugs and errors. But traders want genuine and clear information and advice.
  9. I am surprised they would lie about known bugs.

    I only hope they are lying because it would be scarier if they really believed the issue wasn't with there software.
  10. Synonym


    From the details they told me re group and the posts they made, i think your first assumption's right...if that's any sort of comfort! :D :(
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