MultiCharts becomes unstable when working together with Ninja Trader

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by vivienne, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. vivienne


    I would like to know anyone else is having similar problems as I do ..

    My problem when working with MultiCharts is :

    After I have imported the ELD file to MC, (so that Ninja Trader can "read" the codes I have written in Multicharts) the system can be running properly, with the studies/strategies inserted to the charts. But the problems come when I would like to change any of the settings.. for instance, (1) removing the studies and reapply another study, (2) edit the script and compile it.. then, the workspace just hangs..I need to restart MC again whenever I want to change any of the settings. MC workspace become very unstable and alwayz hangs..

    Has anyone experienced this problem before. Please advise on how to fix that .

    Attached is one of the snapshot of the screen when error occurs.

    Thanks a lot~~
  2. multicharts has integrated the function of autotraing