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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Koros, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Koros


    I discovered Multicharts which seems good.

    However, I have a specific requirements and not all backtesting software can fulfill it:

    I need to backtest and have entries on intrabar levels, not just OHLC values, or next bar open.

    For example, after 3 down candle, I might want to buy when price crosses up latest down candle high, right at this level, not necessarily on next bar open.

    With another software, what I do to resolve this is use a 1 second chart, and compare values to same chart on 5 minute time frame which Is the time frame where I have my signals.

    So when 1 second chart crosses high of the 5 mn chart, i'm in. This way allows me very precise backtest.

    Can this problem be resolved in a similar manner with multi chart ? If not, how ?

  2. Tums


    you can enable IOG.

    IntrabarOrderGeneration will fire off (*) your order as soon as the condition is met.

    (*) technically "fire off" happens at the next tick.
  3. giladbi


    the market order can only be sent on the next bar

    "if condition 1 then but 1 contracts next bar at market;"
    as far as i know you cann't compile any market order to be executed on the next tick...
  4. Tums


    you are about 4 years behind in trading technology.
  5. giladbi


    any solution?