Multicharts - Anything else I should know ?

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  1. During the past week I've been examining different software charting platforms because I have grown tired of Tradestation. Eventhough I don't use TS for order execution, I do use it for Technical Analysis and some of it's limitations have begun to bother me.

    Tried Ensign, tried Ninja (good but not good enough) , Esignal just about anything else out there and last but not least Multicharts v3.0

    Here's a quick sample of what I was able to do in Multicharts Demo using TS Data Feed after a few minutes of usage. Something I could not do in TS. In fact, MC feels like TS but a version 15, something of the future.

    Naturally, I'm not experienced enough with MC to know it's glitches bugs or problems. This is where this post comes in. Anything I'm missing that I should be aware before buying the lifetime fee?

    So far this software looks very very solid and Im on the verge of converting just want to test it live and do more research.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Here is some feedback on the beta 3.1 version from the TS Support forum and also a link to download it if you are running version 3.

    Maybe Tums can give feedback here. He is a master of Multicharts.
    I have no problems at all and I am extremely happy with the lifetime license I purchased months ago.
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    One of the strengths of MultiCharts is the ability to integrate charts of different instrument/datafeed/resolution into one Chart space.

    The example you have is a Constant Volume bar chart (a non-time based resolution) integrated with a 1 Minute chart and a 5 Second chart (time-based resolutions).

    The bar spacing on this chart is based on the 1 minute chart.

    The non-time based 500 Volume Bars must then space itself to fit the 1 Minute bar spacing. When you have fewer contracts traded in the highlighted 6 minute time frame, your volume bars get wider spacing. When you have more contracts traded in the second highlighted 6 minute time frame, you see the volume bars compressed together.

    The opposite will happen if the bar spacing is based on the Volume Bar chart -- your minute/second chart bars will not have fixed spacing.

  4. Tums,

    Yes I'm aware of the functionality, very handy indeed and the fact that all of them are correlated to the 1 min spacing is ideal for my entry analysis.

    However, I found a problem that I'm hoping is me.

    I loaded a 10000 volume NQ chart with plenty of weeks as backdata, inserted a Trendline, and as I zoom in and out of the chart the Trendline is not readjusted properly on the zoom changes perspective, except when I go back to the extension I originally used to insert the trendline.

    Something I'm doing wrong ?

    It's about the only issue I have with it although I have not tested real market data yet.

    If you need screenshots let me know.


  5. Tums


    Do you have an indicator on the chart?

    if you do... try these:

    1. Make sure the indicator Scaling is Same as Symbol. (right click on chart, select Format Studies.)

    2. Click on the chart's Y-Scale... make sure the symbol is selected, not the indicator.

    Hope the above helps.
  6. Issue fixed to perfection, back on the cheering squad.

    Thank you for taking the time.

  7. What data feed are most using for Multicharts?
    Tough to give up TS with its data.

    Esginal? $ ?
  8. mtwokay


    I use IQFeed
  9. The main problem with MC is with choosing a good datafeed and maintaining the data (for example problem with volume bar charts using MC and Esignal). They should use a TS model and provide data as this post on TSSupport forum suggested. :

    There is also a problem with MC not using the TS SDK such that some DLLs are incompatible.
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    I couldn't disagree more. The large choice of datafeeds is MultiCharts main selling point.
    For a start if you want to trade international markets the TS datafeed will not do you much good.
    What if you want to have a backup datafeed in case your primary goes down?
    What if you want to save a few bucks and use the feed from a broker that doesn't charge the exchange fees?
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