MultiCharts and stock splits?

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    I'm a new user to MultiCharts, and like its charting capabilities, EL support, etc but one serious limitation seems to be the lack of support for stock splits. Does anyone have experience in how to get around this limitation? I'm using “Free Quotes” as the data source, and lack of support for stock splits makes backtesting meaningless for lots of equities.

    Any suggestions most welcome. Thanks!
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    get the split adjusted quote.
  3. To clarify what TUMS alludes to in his response: your data provider provides the split adjustment. Free Quotes does not do this. I upgraded to Esignal End-of-Day (EOD)for higher quality split-adjusted data (about $30 per month). Intra-day data is available but only after the trading day is over. Good for strategy development and after-hours market analysis.
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    Hi all-- Thanks for your replies. Indeed I understand now this is an issue with the data provider, not the charting package (Multicharts in this case). I did find a way to still use free quotes and get split-adjusted data.


    As it turns out, yahoo and google do not provide split-adjusted data (at least not the way Multicharts accesses them), so you need to turn these off in the quote manager. So the remaining two "free quotes" options are and Both provide split-adjusted data. However, and very importantly, I found that the split-adjusted data provided by was slightly off, which was disconcerting but very consistent. Don't know why, but luckily through careful comparison i found numerous days where the data did not match proper split-adjusted calculations.

    So the net of all of this is there is only one free data provider that provides accurate split-adjusted prices for Multicharts, and that is
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    Yahoo has split adjusted data.
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    Does it then follow that MC is able to use yahoo's split adjusted data?