MultiCharts and OpenECry data

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  1. FYI - MultiCharts is running a beta with OpenECry data. It appears to be running fairly good here, which is nice. It eliminates the need for dtn and gives you access to data of every market OEC covers, which is a lot!

    More info:

    Make sure you read thru thread as there are a couple add-on releases in the thread.
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    can u send me the add ons, i dont have acces to the forum
  3. I think that w/ the current MC that OEC is just an option in the drop down menu. No need for additional plugins at this point.
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    i have version 3.1.
    what server is used on quotemanager, sim. , or api or somthing diff?
  5. I have on live and

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    the dll is located in C:\Program Files\TS Support\MultiCharts\Datafeeds

    folder. the OEC one
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