Multicharts 12.0 - basic customizations missing?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Maverick1, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Maverick1



    Looking at a couple of things:

    #1: The wicks on candlesticks can only be set to one color?

    In Ensign and TradingView for example, one can set the wicks to be green if the bar is green and red if the bar is red. But that option does not seem to be there in Multicharts.

    #2: MACD histogram can only be set to one color?

    In other platforms, one can set the histogram to green above the zero line and red below.

    Everyone seems to rave about Multicharts, but these basic features seem to be not available?

  2. Jarym


    #1 - agree MC doesn't have it and that's a bit odd. But its a visual thing that never personally bothered me compared to the many advantages that platform has.

    #2 - I created my own MACD that did this and it wasn't so hard to base my work off the out of the box version.
  3. Maverick1


    Thanks Jarym. What version of MC do you have? I can't believe they don't offer it, the code can't be much more than a simple conditional/if statement... so disappointing.