MultiCharts 11 (Out of Beta) New Features - Now Available using AMP's Free Version of MultiCharts

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    These MultiCharts 11 (Beta 1) builds already include the new symbol roots for mini Russell 2000.

    We recommend doing a backup of user data before installing the update and testing everything required on a demo/sim connection before going Live with the Beta.

    Download 32-bit or 64-bit Version >

    New features:

    Custom Resolutions

    MultiCharts now offers professional tools for developing your own resolutions using object-oriented programming. This new functionality gives you access to the bar formation algorithms and allows you to define your own set of rules using C# or any other programming language that supports COM objects. The source code of the prebuilt chart types and an app for testing your plugin are available out of the box. This new functionality can be accessed via the Custom Resolutions Manager in the QuoteManager window.

    Imbalance Delta

    This new chart style displays order imbalances between the bid and ask prices as they are filled, highlighting which side has control. This is done by comparing bid-offer diagonally and stacked by the periodicity to determine buying-selling pressure. This info gives you an idea whether you should remain in an open position or not, as well as whether it is sufficient to open a new position or not, if you are flat.

    New Walk Forward Optimization Report

    We have completely reworked the WFO report to make it more informative and customizable. You can now configure how In and Out of Sample Data is displayed, change how study inputs are represented and view the Summary (Min, Max, Avg) per column right in the report window!

    User Data Backup/Restore

    One can now easily do a backup of all platform data in just a few clicks! Whether you need to move to a new PC, want to import your data into a different MultiCharts product or simply want to avoid data loss, these two new built-in applications will help you with this goal.

    New study licensing management system

    Selected add-on providers can now register as developers with us to manage licensing of the studies they sell to the users.

    Never experienced MultiCharts? Try Free Real-Time Demo >

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    AMP's Free Version of MultiCharts 11 (beta 2) new builds include the requested EUREX symbol roots for FXXP, FVS, FGBX, FBTP, FOAT as well as the new September 2017 contracts on the default work-spaces.

    Download 32-bit or 64-bit Version >

    If you need any assistance, please contact our 24 hour help desk in real-time via Phone or Live CHAT:

    Happy Trading!
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