multichart vs amibroker ?

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  1. Hi

    I am interested to get a powerful charting and execution platform.

    This platform should be:

    1- support down to 1 second time frame
    2-quick calculation
    3-data feed friendly
    4-API ECN friendly
    5-cost wise , not very expensive

    Please give me your expert opinion
  2. Aok


    do you need 1 sec charts McGene?

    -Amibrokers lowest second chart option is 5 seconds. Then 15.

    Multicharts? 1 sec charts no problem

    Multicharts also has more data providers. Plus a neat feature you can plot same data series in same chart from two different data providers at same time.

    Amibroker is faster if you're changing symbols with lot of history/tick to backfill.

    Amibroker is great value. I think it's still less than $300. Thats a steal.

    Multi is roughly 4x that for "lifetime" license at present and then various lease rates for qtrly/bi annual/yearly terms.

    Other thing about Multicharts is its forumla language is essentially the same as Tradestations so it's very simple to find/hire code/coders for whatever you want. Amibroker is more of learning curve.

    Disclaimer: I own both and use both though for different reasons. Two solid programs.
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  3. many thanks for your response.

    However, amibroker can go to 1 second resolution with esignal that has timestamp for their one second data feed.

    is amibroker faster than multichart for handling the automatic strategy that require alot of calculation in the background??.

    after your info, i am still inclined to amibroker with lower cost ;)
  4. Charting is a thing of the past.
  5. ET99


    don't waste your time.
    go get a job.
  6. i know :) but i am a newbie and still studying the past to go to the future..

    your comment is true . thanks :)
  7. Curious as to what the future is in your opinion.


  8. good advice but actually i have two full jobs,

    i am a physician who is doing his PhD in medical genetics in one of the 100 top universities in the world.

    so my time is full and trading is my hoppy as chess :)

    however, i am very open to any positive constructive suggestion. so please if you have one , i will be more happy to listen even with harsh too intellegent words.
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    Well, aren't you special.

    "So, a graduate student, huh? How come you guys can go to the moon but you can't make my shoes smell good?" --Homer Simpson
  10. :)
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