Multichart and TT

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Deepak15, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Deepak15


    I have started trading since few month and now want to go through automated trading. I wrote some strategies in Multichart using EasyLanguage. I want to generate orders through Multichart and send through TT. I came to know that it needs FIX Connection to TT FIX Adapter. But my clearer (say m-----) does not support this environment which means I cannot use Multichart for automated trading.

    Is there any options available to connect multichart and TT ? :(
  2. Switch to a clearing firm that runs the TT FIX Adapter. You might even get a better rate than you are now paying.
  3. Mvector


    tt fix has let me down too often - Eurex sessions can be terrible with tt fix - I use rithmic feed and never have problems.
  4. I use Velocity Futures. Feed is TT. Been with VF for 4-5 months now. Rock solid feed so far. But I am only on cme & nymex. Can't speak for eurex