Multicarts forces users to join facebook?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by RAY, Mar 12, 2012.

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    I figured that I would take a look at MultiCharts; so I wanted to download it.

    The problem is that in order to download Multicharts it says it is required to be a facebook member, and you must 'like' multicharts (with-in facebook).

    I don't even know what 'liking' something does, as I am not a facebook member, but I find it odd that they require you to use a third party, and then require you to 'like' something you haven't even tried/used.

    I guess I will be looking else where.
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    Can i enter Zuckerberg`s private apartment like he enters my mail with his 'crapbook'?I`d like to enter his house without his permision as well!
  3. Multicharts has a wrong marketing strategy. They try to give free software for discretionary traders and hope they will auto trade someday, then they buy their software, but in reality, discretionary traders do not want to do auto trade, or take a long long time for them to do auto trade. So they give out free software and get nothing. What do they do? They force you to get facebook account and irritate you to not get the free software, at the same time, they are reluctant to improve the software for discretionary traders, this is very losing strategy. On the contrary, NinjiaTrader is smart, you can use their software all free, manual or auto, but you have to pay to trade, make sense, when you start to make money and you can pay.
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    Typical Russian behaviour?
    No matter what I have not liked Multicharts and its limited capabilities anyway so I don't need to click any stupid newly installed button. :p
  6. I don't think they have thought this through. What a bunch of Bozos.
  7. No, you can get a 30-day trial of the full MC without needing facebook or anything else.
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    So you need to download the 30-day trial to use the discretionary version that you have to like first? [​IMG]
    That's ridiculous.
  9. Where do you see a discretionary version?
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    You did call it MC DT not me.
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