MultiBank FX Championship (Cash Prizes for 1st $7,000 2nd $3,000 and 3rd $2,000)

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    Hi all,

    My name is Joe and I work in the marketing team for the MultiBank Group. I wanted to share some info that the MultiBank FX Championship has been launched and the count down to the start is on! The MultiBank FX Championship starts on 30th September 2019 and I thought i would post in here and make the Elite Trader forum members aware of this competition and the cash prizes of $7,000 USD for the winner, $3,000 USD for second position and $2,000 USD for third position.

    Please see below for more details;

    Contest Period: 4 week duration from 30th September until 25th October 2019

    Account Enabled at: GMT 08:00 (London Time 09:00/ Frankfurt Time 10:00/ Dubai Time 12:00/ Hong Kong Time 16:00)

    Winner Announcement: The winners will be announced the first week of November 2019

    Prizes: The top 3 winners will win a cash prize of $7,000 USD (1st), $3,000 USD (2nd) and $2,000 USD (3rd)!

    Please use the link below to enter and please let me know if you need anymore information.

  2. TommyR


    I was hooked in by the size of the prizes but then it says you are not allowed to hold a trade for less than 15 seconds otherwise you are a fraud and disqualified.