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    Does anyone know of any reasonably priced charting package which utilizes the multi-threaded capabilities of a quad core CPU?

    It seems that neither NinjaTrader 7 nor TWS charting supports multi-threaded charting.


    from the site ...


    MultiCharts is a multi-threaded application. This means that the more CPU cores your computer has, the faster backtesting and optimization in MultiCharts will work. With modern multi-core processors we can now meet traders’ rapidly growing demands for speed and efficiency in trading platforms.
  3. It doesn't work.
    Just like their tech support.
  4. I have good experiences with tech support at tssupport. Always have been quick in response and very helpful.
  5. I'm glad for you.
    Hopefully you didn't have any proprietary stuff connected to MultiCharts and then let them in your computer to dig around or what they call (help). More like, "help themselves".
  6. Try esignal 10.6. It is not multi threaded, but you can open several instances. I have an instance for each symbol I follow. Very fast on quad core I7.

    I would stay away from vers. 11 for now.
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    I've used Multicharts for more than three years, called on tech support a couple of dozen times (invariably, it turned out, due to my own screw up -- not something wrong with Multicharts). Never once have their tech support folks been anything but professional and courteous. Just about everything I use is "proprietary," and I've never been under the impression that they've been "helping themselves."

    And, let's get real, do you really think that if they were so inclined they would require the ruse of a tech support call to see what you were up to?

    Do you really think they give a shit about anyone's homebrew concoctions?
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    I don't think that any of them have it properly implemented - despite marketing claims.

    I'm using NinjaTrader 7 and, for me, the biggest problem is not multithreading but unresponsiveness of the entire app while one chart is reloading. But the good news is that NT team, once willing, has the easiest path to both multithreading ( .net 4.0 parallel computing - ) and responsiveness ( asynchronous programming - ).

    Perhaps someone from NT can chime in and give us some plans for the future. I'd suggest that they address these concerns asap and remain one of the best platforms.

    For me, multithreading is just one criteria for trading platform selection. Another one is the technology that platform can consume. For example. TradeStation is nice but can only consume old style win32 dlls, and one has to program in their crappy proprietary language. That's another big advantage of NT imho, for the core framework and the language is well known and established and not their own custom one.

    P.S. MS is also working on distributed computing extensions for .net, to enable support for running one's code in parallel on multiple machines ( ).
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    Recent AmiBroker betas perform multithreading.
  10. Learning to make money with one chart at the time trading one thing at a time is hard enough for most people. If you can make money with one thing at the time, you can then afford to buy two fast single CPU liquid cooled machines and run two copies of the charting software independently.
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