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    I'd like to get a multi screen monitor but would like to know if there are any pitfalls about them.

    1) can I use my existing pc? are there special requirements as far as ports or power requirements...
    2) where can I find the cheapest 4 monitor multi-screen?
    3) just thought of getting one so any tips not mentioned would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    Echo.. Anyone?
  3. If you want 4 screens you need 2 video cards that both offer dual output. It's best to get them both the same brand so you don't have any compatibility issues. Find out if your computer is AGP or PCI-E. Get one video card that is one of the above than get one that is PCI. You might also have to upgrade your power supply. Good luck.
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    Did you want package that is already in a quad stand or do you want to buy everything separate? video cards, monitors and stands etc....

    do you have a computer?
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    These monitors are very good no problems so far!, they sit on stands, and the 19" setups are reasonable if that is ok. otherwise 21" and up are not that expensive considering an what you are buying.

    If I had to do it over again I would buy 4 separate monitors.

    Also look at
  6. search posts by "gnome" on this subject, he has answered this in great detail numerous times....

    also read the "pictures of your trading station" thread, a lot of nice set-ups for you to compare monitor positioning, size etc...

    considerations: type and available card slots...only one video card driver to avoid conflicts!!

    I like Dell multi 30" displays and dual nvidea 8600 cards. however, there are many options
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    I don't know much about my computer other than it is a
    Compaq Presario
    AMD 64
    I seen a 2 up and 2 down stand and that's what I'd like.
    If everything was seperate wouldn't that be complicated?
    I have no idea what requirements I'd need so far.
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    to buy everything sparate would save you at lest 1k or most likley more maybe around 2k
  9. Trading is not data intensive unless you are running numerous L II, or DOM screens at the same time, and doing other number crunching stuff as well.

    My point is just about any decent PC works fine. I have a 4 year old Dell Dimension 4400, with an equally old quad card from Appian. Works great, and drives my 19 inch monitors at their max resolution.

    You can run a single quad card, or 2 duals, or 4 singles if you have the slots for them. If you run an older PC, you will likely have PCI slots and one AGP. Buy used cards via Ebay for next to nothing in this case. Matrox G450's come to mind.

    New PC? I'd get something midrange with 2 gigs RAM (and option to add more later), and 2 Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 dual output cards. If you don't do gaming, these cards are great, and cheap. Also don't have fans, thus reducing demand for a big power supply in your PC. If gaming is also needed, get Nvidia Geforce line. More expensive and consume more power though. Personally, I'd just get a separate laptop for that, but I've never played a PC game so its a moot point.

    Monitors: I prefer regular monitors as opposed to widescreen for charting. They are also cheap via Tigerdirect or Newegg. $150 each or less for 19 inchers. Make sure they have narrow bezels.

    An Ergotron quad monitor stand, or similar, will set you back about $200 if you shop around a bit (paid 270 for mine).


    Mid range PC say $600
    2 Nvidia cards, via Ebay, 100 to 150
    4 monitors, 600
    monitor stand, 200.

    Total = 1500 to 1700 maybe.

    Don't buy a pre configured trading station. Will cost a fortune relatively speaking.

    Most traders do massive overkill on the hardware. Even Gnome uses older stuff, and he does know his shit. Speed isn't even an issue unless you are a scalper banging away for tics all day long. A new PC wouldn't help me in the least, except for greater RAM. Even with this old machine, I can run 10 screens if I want.

    Eventually, I am going to go to a 3 monitor setup with 30" screens, which will require all new gear. Expensive also, but a clean setup. Going to run current system into the ground first since it works just fine.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    I have 1 gig ram (max 4 gigs), 200 gig hard drive.. I'm not sure about the power supply.. 2.2 GHz AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor. Got system for 439.39.

    I'm not sure about the power supply though. So I take it I can make my own multi-screen for under 1k? I just want 17" flat screens for now.
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